Cooperation Agreement between UFIO USA, Europolice Federation of Slovakia and Europolice Federation of Albania.

ROBERT BODOR (the “President”) Europolice Federation of SLOVAKIA


PETRIT HASA (the “President”) Europolice Federation of Albania.

This cooperation is based on:

  • The fight against crime in the Republic of Albania,
  • Promotion of education, training, presentation with the knowledge and experience of experienced subjects in the Republic of Albania and abroad in the field of public order and peace, road safety, fire protection and assistance in case of disasters and natural disasters;
  • Assistance to victims of crime and their relatives;
  • Fight against organized crime and corruption;
  • Fight against terrorism;
  • Fight against trafficking in human beings;
  • Fight against the narcotics trade:
  • Fight against high technology crime, etc.
  • Raising public awareness on the importance of security and cooperation with security structures:
  • Road and border traffic assistance
  • Giving instructions in the development of security and cooperation with all security structures in the Republic of Albania.
  • To participate in a well-known and innovative way in the security policies in the Republic of Albania, enriching and promoting it on a wider European and world scale.